Engagement photography on the beach at dawn: Alessandro & Caterina

Couple embracing on the beach at dawn during their engagement photography session captured by Valentina Cavallini couple photographer in Emilia Romagna

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Alessandro and Caterina did not lose heart and continued to pursue their dreams of getting married.

Not only did they successfully celebrate their wedding in the year 2020, but they also decided to capture their love and commitment through a breathtaking engagement photography session on the beach at dawn, just a few weeks before the wedding.

Looking back at those photos, I can say that waking up at 4:30am and braving that cold July morning was absolutely worth it, as the dawn's light created a magic atmosphere that perfectly enveloped the emotions of that special moment.

As a couple and engagement photographer in Emilia Romagna, I’m happy to share these photos with you, as they truly depict the magic and beauty of Alessandro and Caterina's love story.