Rustic wedding photo shoot in Bologna at Palazzo delle Biscie

A shoot captured by Valentina Cavallini destination wedding photographer during Elena and Tim's rustic wedding photo shoot in Bologna at Palazzo delle Biscie

Last summer, as a wedding photographer in Emilia Romagna, I had the pleasure of documenting the love story of Elena and Tim, and capturing their rustic wedding photo shoot in Bologna at the enchanting Palazzo delle Biscie.

Elena and Tim are an energetic couple, whose enthusiasm and joy are contagious! I was overjoyed to be their destination wedding photographer since we instantly connected and it was a pleasure working together

Their story reads like a proper movie. Elena hails from the area while Tim is Dutch, and both are professional dancers with the 'National Dance Company Wales'. Despite living in Wales, they are constantly touring the world for work. Hence, their wedding provided the perfect opportunity to bring together families and friends from different countries and cultures.

The reception was held in the charming Palazzo delle Biscie, a truly unique and fascinating location. Dating back to 1400, it had different functions in the past, including that of a military outpost, water mill, and hunting lodge. Today, it houses the art collection of its owner, as well as events and weddings.

The entire event went smoothly, and we even managed to dodge a thunderstorm that was about to hit the location just before dinner. Luckily, there were only flashes of lightning and wind, and after a while, the clouds moved away without a single drop falling.

I hope you'll enjoy the photos!


Photography: Valentina Cavallini Photography
Venue: Palazzo delle Biscie
Catering: Eventi Catering
Flowers: Elisabetta Emiliani
Bride's dress: Le Spose di Giò
Groom's suit: Cremonini Bologna
Hair: Silvana Giacò Parrucchieri